Dale Buxton, OwnerThank you for considering Buxton Construction Co. I wanted to provide some basic information about our company which you may want to consider when selecting a contractor. Quality is never a variable. The smaller retirement or starter house receives the same care as the upscale, professional home.

I started Buxton Construction in 1979. There are, currently, six full time employees with a combined total of over eighty years of construction experience. I have attempted to structure the company in a manner that allows us to provide a very personalized construction experience. Unlike many contractors, we only use a few subcontractors. The subcontractors we do use are employed by me because they have shown the ability to meet our high standards. The result of this approach allows us to be very flexible and provides a consistently high quality product. In addition, when you visit the job site, you will find people who can answer your questions and take a great interest in your satisfaction.

A true, custom builder allows you to be an integral part of the process – from design to completion. Our computer software allows you to explore your ideas and, with our experience in design, we can help you evolve the home that fits your needs. Whether we start from a picture or full scale blueprints, our technology and knowledge of new products allows us to provide you with only the highest quality product.

Once again, thank you for considering us for your future construction project. Please feel free to browse through our website to see examples of our work and testimonials from some of our former clients. When you’re ready to discuss building, give us a call or send us an email.


Dale Buxton, Owner